Zhejiang Bozhou Marine Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the ancient town of China - Panshi Town, facing Ouhai District across the Oujiang River in the south. It is 30 kilometers away from Wenzhou International Airport and 10 kilometers away from Yueqing Motor Station. The whole town covers an area of 11.86 square kilometers, with a coastline of 7 kilometers, and its harbor is deep and has good conditions. It can build seven 10000 ton wharves and five 500 ton wharves

Bozhou Marine

Bozhou Marine specializes in the production and sales, research and development of a variety of marine electrical lighting equipments. At present, our main products include: marine navigation lights series, marine fluorescent lights series, incandescent pendant lights series, marine flood lights and search lights series, explosion-proof light series, electrical connectors series, electric bells, marine bulbs and other kinds of marine fittings.