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LED Marine Navigation Signal Light CXH-81L & CXH-801L
LED Marine Navigation Signal Light CXH-81L & CXH-801L
LED Marine Navigation Signal Light CXH-81L & CXH-801L

LED Marine Navigation Signal Light CXH-81L & CXH-801L

CXH-81L CXH-801L
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The scope of application

Applied to the ships with the length 50m or above 50m as lamp signalliaison when night navigation.

Products characteristic

1. Multiple patents of invention served for brand new products.
2. Exclusive lens combined optical design, meeting requirements of different signal lights.
3. Adopt aviation aluminum as main heat dissipation part.
4. Housing using heat-resistant, shock-resistant and erosion-resistant glass with high optical precision.
5. Precise optics design, meeting special requirements of signal light .
6. Two independent power line for emergency.
7. Convenient installation, solid structure, protection class IP56.

Products characteristic

1. IMO A.694(17);
2. IMO MSC.253(83);
3. IEC 60945:2002/COR1:2008;
4. Annex I of Convention on The International regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea(COLREG)1972 and its Amendments;
5. Ships And Maritime Facilities Statutory Test Rule (2014) 2B Volume Chapter 4 Chapter 13;

TypeInput VoltagePowerBeam angleIrradiation DistanceCCTCRIIP
CXH1-81PL  Single deck starboard light100V~240V2.5W112.5°3n.mGreen/IP56
CXH2-81PL  Single deck port light100V~240V2W112.5°3n.mRed/IP56
CXH3-81PL  Single deck masthead light100V~240V6W225°6n.m4000k70IP56
CXH4-81PL  Single deck stern light100V~240V2W135°3n.m4000k70IP56
CXH4-81PL  Single deck towing light100V~240V2W135°3n.mYellow/IP56
CXH6-81PL  Single deck all-round light100V~240V5W360°3n.m4000K70IP56
CXH6-81PL  Single deck all-round light100V~240V4W360°3n.mRed/IP56
CXH6-81PL  Single deck all-round light100V~240V6W360°3n.mGreen/IP56
CXH6-81PL  Single deck all-round light100V~240V5W360°3n.mYellow/IP56

TypeInput VoltagePowerBeam angleIrradiation DistanceCCTCRIIP
CXH1-801PL  Double deck starboard light100V~240V5W112.5°3n.mGreen/IP56
CXH2-801PL  Double deck port light100V~240V4W112.5°3n.mRed/IP56
CXH3-801PL  Double deck masthead light100V~240V11W225°6n.m4000k70IP56
CXH4-801PL  Double deck stern light100V~240V4W135°3n.m4000k70IP56
CXH4-801PL  Double deck towing light100V~240V5W135°3n.mYellow/IP56
CXH6-801PL  Double deck all-round light100V~240V10W360°3n.m4000K70IP56
CXH6-801PL  Double deck all-round light100V~240V8W360°3n.mRed/IP56
CXH6-801PL  Double deck all-round light100V~240V12W360°3n.mGreen/IP56
CXH6-801PL  Double deck all-round light100V~240V10W360°3n.mYellow/IP56